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Upgrade from your BT Featureline System

included Feature Rich System
included Low Cost Setup
included Inbound Call Management
included Huntgroups
included Onhold Management
included Pickup & Transfer
included Pre-Connection Greeting
included Free Voicemail
included Outlook Integration
Saffwood Communications New Business Phone Line.

Upgrade to hosted VoIP phone system from BT Featureline

BT Featureline is the old analogue system supplied by BT. This system offers basic functions but is now widely regarded as an old entry level system and is being phase out by BT.

In the last 12 months, BT Featureline has only accounted for less than 1% of all new phone system installations, with hosted VoIP phone systems ranking as the highest

Why upgrade from BT Featureline to Hosted VoIP?

Hosted phone system queuing

Inbound Call Handling Queue

An inbound telephone queuing system is a standard feature in all our hosted VoIP phone systems and is not supplied in a BT Featuerline system. After your custom company welcome message, this feature will route inbound calls to all available extensions. If all your lines are engaged, then the calls will be held until a line becomes available. Whilst on hold, held callers will be notified as to what their position is in the queue, and can listen to pre-recorded message from you. At any stage they can press 1 to leave a voicemail

Hosted phone system call breakout

Call Breakout

If you want to give callers the option or transfer to voicemail during hold, or another line (even external to your system), you can supply options for them to press at any time. You can also setup out of hours messages and rules on your hosted VoIP phone system to handle calls differently and certain times. Again this is not supplied with a BT Featureline system.

Hosted phone system IVR

Auto Attendants

If you have different departments, or run different businesses in one location, adding an auto attendant can be a massive benefit. A hosted VoIP auto attendant allows callers to be directed to different hunt groups depending on what option they selected from the IVR. This can vastly increase customer service and reduce hold time and is not a service that can be found with a BT Featureline legacy system.

Hosted phone system transfer

Call Pickup & Transfer

You can use your hosted VoIP phone system to pickup other ringing lines within your system, and transfer calls to other extensions when required. You can even transfer calls to numbers outside your phone system, such as to a mobile phone. You can do this mid-call, or press divert on your phone if you are leaving the office. This can also be done from your web portal.

Hosted phone system number porting

Keep Your BT Featureline Numbers

You can keep all your current BT Featureline phone numbers with your Saffwood hosted VoIP phone system. We'll have your phone system live on your desk then transfer your phone numbers accross with no downtime and no hassle allowing you to run your business.

Hosted phone system setup

No Expensive Equipment

All the expensive equipment is hosted by Saffwood Communications which means costs are kept to a minimum. Unlike a BT Featureline systen, you only need to buy your handsets, and with over 400 makes and models to choose from, we'll have the perfect solution for you. With per second billing (rather than whole minutes) and no call connection fees, you'll be able to save money and improve how your business communicates within days of placing your order.

Hosted phone system click to dial

Click To Dial

Your hosted VoIP system can also use Click to Dial funcationality to make calls directly from your CRM or workflow system. This can vastly improve productivity, morale and reduce miss-dial errors helping you to boost profits.

Hosted phone system moving business

Moving Business

If your moving business outside your current postcode exchange area with any analogue system, including BT Featureline, then you will be able to keep your current phone numbers with our hosted phone system. Call our experts today and we'll handle the entire process for you so it's once less stress when you move. With our business telephone moving service, there's no downtime on your service.

Hosted phone system numbering

Numbering Options

We can add 01, 02 and 08 numbers in a matter of hours to your hosted VoIP phone system. All these numbers can route directly to your phone system and can give you a local or national presence anywhere in the UK. 0845 numbers are only £1.00 per month unlike BT Featureline which charges £10.00 per month.

Hosted phone system CRM integration

Outlook & CRM Integration

Integrate your VoIP phone system with MS Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 to allow click and dial functionality as well as well as inbound caller recognition.

Key Features

Client phone features System features
Call forward, hold, park, pickup Tick Call recording (always on / on demand)
Tick Call Now call-back button for email & web sites Tick Call recording searchable web database
Tick Call transfer (blind, assisted) Tick Call queueing
Tick Call screening Tick"" Local queue agent
Tick Call routing Tick Remote queue agent (via PSTN)
Tick Call waiting Tick Hunt groups
Tick Call forking to 2nd, 3rd, 4th phone Tick Auto attendant
Tick Find me follow me Tick Interactive voice response (IVR)
Tick"" Smartphone integration Tick Call API control
Tick Intercom and paging Tick Multi-party conferencing rooms
Tick Ad-hoc conferencing Tick Instant messaging with Jabber
Tick Unified messaging Tick Live call monitoring
Tick Tannoy System Tick Sound database for voice prompts, moh
Tick Feature codes Tick Advanced call reporting
Tick Web portal for call settings Tick Click to dial from CRM
Tick Call reporting Tick Group voicemail
Tick IM and presence support Tick Calling cards
Tick FAX to email Tick Prepaid / postpaid billing
Tick Call-Me-Back for low cost international calls
Tick Customisable voice prompts Admin features
Tick Time of day routing Tick Web admin interface
Tick DID numbers Tick Tiered permissions
Tick Outbound call rules Tick Multi-level web access
Tick Caller ID control Tick Multi-tenancy
Tick SIP phone and softphone support Tick Brandable web portal
Tick Call reporting
Tick Number porting
Tick Auto-provisioning of extensions
Tick API control using soap

The best alternative to BT Featureline

Our Experience


Saffwood understands what it takes to deliver best in class hosted VoIP phone system service with traffic profiles that are attractive to carriers. You can confidently reduce costs by using a VoIP phone without sacrificing on call quality.

Our Intfrastructure


Saffwood Communications privately owned infrastructure crosses six UK Gold data centres, with data crossing five Tier-1 carriers. So your VoIP and hosted phone system is reliable, crystal clear, and always available with no downtime.



Saffwood uses its years of business experience to react to the things that you need from your telecoms. Every product is developed to the highest standards, creating feature-rich services that deliver tangible value and results.



When you need help, you can depend on friendly, practical advice from Saffwood. Unlimited support and training is included in our monthly service fee as well as dedicatedd account management.

What BT Featureline customers say about our VoIP phone systems

It was important for us to find a phone solution that was able to offer us the flexibility to grow and move with us. We needed help and advice to ensure whatever systems we invested in were going to do the job. Saffwood Communications listened to our needs and then offered clear and practical advice.

We now have a stable phone system that has been able to handle everything we required including a recent move of premises and expansion. Throughout, Saffwood have provided excellent customer service, value for money and have been a pleasure to work with.

– Anita Clark - Director

We recently moved from our store in Covent Garden to a mail order and online business in a different phone exchange area. Phones are essential to our business and it was important that there was no "down-time", and keeping our well recognised phone numbers was also vital. At the same time we were looking for a cost-effective system.

We contacted Saffwood, who were more than helpful with their advice and nothing has seemed too much trouble for them. They setup our Hosted VoIP phone system for less than their competitors, and it was a simple matter of plugging the phones in on day 1 in our new warehouse. They also arranged all our internet lines to be live before our move day.

It could not have been simpler.

– Harry Ganz, Owner

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You can boost call quality, customer service and reduce costs at the same time

In Page BT Featureline Blog

Why is BT Featureline being phased out?

BT Featureline is being phased out by BT in light of more modern, feature rich technologies. You can read about the old BT Featureline system on BT's website here. Featureline works by requiring users to dial 9 for an outside line. The reason this must be done is that dialler 9 from the system connects the featureline service to an analogue PBX. This PBX allows most of the limited features that the system offers.

As a fixed line service, featureline is prone to downtime and local errors, hardware faults and degradation. If the system experiences a local fault, an engineer visit will be required which can take up to 7 days unless you pay extra for a engineering contract. This issue is placing more and more strain and BT's overloaded engineering network.

Hosted VoIP phone systems from Saffwood Communications offer to remove all the issues that BT featureline customer face, reduce costs and at the same time offer far more features and value for money. With a hosted VoIP phone system, you can add lines and extensions in minutes not weeks, change number routing, call queues, hunt groups and voicemails from your web portal. This is simple not an options with a BT featureline system.

How do I migrate from BT Featureline?

Moving from Featureline to Saffwood is simple and handled by us! We simply send you your new phones that you put on your desk next to your current BT phones. Place a temporary call diversion from your BT mainline to our phone system. We then apply for your phone numbers from BT, and they are transferred withour any downtime. You can then throw away or sell your old BT phones.

BT Featureline Porting BT Featureline Manual

Is your system cheaper than BT Featureline?

A Saffwood hosted VoIP phone system is considerably cheaper than a BT Featureline system for several reasons. The first is line rental. BT Featureline rental is between £15.50 - £17.80 depending on the number of handsets you have chosen. A Saffwood hosted VoIP phone system only charges £12.99 per line and with additional extensions only £4.99. These prices are monthly. As well as a line rental saving, the call charges with a Saffwood phone system is much lower than a BT Featureline service.

Price Comparisons

With BT, call charges are made up of two elements: cost per minute for making phone calls, and a call connection charge. A call connection charge is a set amount that is charged as soon as a call connections (even voicemail). With BT Featureline a call to a mobile carries a cost of 9p connection.

The next charge is the pence per minute. The two items here are the call cost per minute, and the billing duration. With BT, the charge is up to the whole minute, so a call of 10 seconds will be billed at 1 minute. 1 minute and 1 second would be billed to 2 minutes. Saffwood only bills in 10 second increments. A 10 second call with BT Featureline to a mobile would be 20p. With Saffwood this would be 1.5p.

BT Featureline - Case Study

GDC are a fast growing business who used a 5 handset BT Featureline phone system to make and receive their calls. The challenge was with staffing rising from 8 to 21 in a very quick period of time, the cost of using BT would be two high. As well as the timescale to increase the number of handsets, BT could not supply the funcationality that GDC required on their Featureline service. This included inbound call queues, branded pre-connection greetings and bespoke hunt groups. There was an importnat requirement to see which users were handling calls, and if any customers where hanging up before being connected.

Saffwoods Solution was our integrated hosted VoIP phone system to replace the Featureline service. The implementation process was to setup the phone system before making the application to BT to port the telephone number. A little know fax is that BT class number ranges on featureline as an "equinox range". This is a phantom range that only BT hold and the full range is no always portable. As this was the case for GDC, we advised that only the main telephone number could be ported and that this featureline would need to be downgraded to a single line before hand. Once this was done, an instant call forward was placed from the single line from BT onto the VoIP phone system from Saffwood. This means that whilst Saffwood waited for the port, all calls into the business were still being piped onto the phone system, irrespective as to the volume.

Once ported, the BT featureline service was terminated and Saffwood Communications took over the phone system. This ensured a smooth migration process with no downtime or business disruption.

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How Long Does Setup Take
If you don't need your phone number porting in, then typical setup is 5 - 10 working days. if you need your phone number transferring over, the average number porting time is 20 working days.
What does hosted mean?
Hosted phone systems do not rely on expensive onsite equipment such as PBX or ISDN. All this is stored in our data centres meaning that you only need a handset and a route to make and receive calls
What is the voice quality like?
the voice quality for VoIP phone systems if equal to and often better than traditional analogue lines. As the call is being routed down the same copper cables a traditional call is, the routing is identical to the exchange.
What happens if my internet cuts off?
You will always have a standard analogue phone line when using VoIP as this will bear your broadband connection. If your internet connection cuts off, our system can then divert all calls to that line, or any other until your connection is restored.
I'm moving office, can this system keep my number?
Yes. This is a huge advantage for hosted phone systems. As VoIP is not connected directly to a local exchange, it means you can take your local numbers anywhere in the world.
How fast does my internet need to be?
It depends on the number of calls you want to be able to make and receive at the same time. Each call uses 85K of upload and download. If you use our speed test service, you can see your upload and downloads speeds live. As an example, if you have an upload speed of 0.8MB and a download of 9MB, you can make just over 9 calls (0.8 * 1000 / 85)
What if I only have 1 phoneline with broadband?
If you have 1 line with broadband acting as your main business number, we can either source a new number for you to advertise, or you can divert calls from your current number onto the new one.
Which phones do you reccomend?
Cisco IP 7940 for deskphone (£60) and SNOM M9 for handsfree (£149)
Is There a Setup Cost for the system
No. You just need to buy your handsets and possibly a new router as well.
Do you supply broadband?
No. Be we are resellers to a few trusted partners and can arrange the connections and discounted rates for you
What Support Can I Expect?
Unlimited support is offered via phone, email and screen share. All support is UK based.

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