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Inbound Queuing System

Available On Any Type of Line

included Avoid Missed Calls
included Stop Engaged Tones
included Ring All Lines Together
included Hung Groups
included Voicemail to Email
included Timeout Call Transfer
included Online Voicemail
included Free 0843 Number Included
included Realtime Reporting
included Manage Online

Inbound Telephone Queuing System

Call queuing systems are now the must have feature for any business who places importance on ensuring they answer inbound calls. Our advanced telephone queuing system will allow you to flexibly manage an unlimited number of inbound calls to ensure you never ring busy again. All of this on your existing phone numbers whether they are part of a system, or seperate lines.

Through a simple, user friendly portal, you can control your queuing system and choose how and where you want to direct all your calls in realtime.

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Why use a telephone queuing system for your business

Pre-Connection Greeting

You can record a pre-connection greeting to announce your company name when customer call your business. This offers a professional edge for your business.

Call Transfer

Allows users to tranfer calls between extensions for inbound calls. This offers seamless call handling between phone operators.

ID Presentation

You can dynamically choose between seeing the caller ID of the person who has called you, or the number they have called. This can be used when multiple business numbers point to the same phones.

Whisper Announcement

This service allows you to hear a recorded message based on the number which the customer dialed just before the caller is connected. Perfect if you run multiple businesses or advertise marketing numbers.

Caller Queue

This key service allows you to choose up to 7 numbers (including mobiles) which can ring together, one after the other, or in ratio format when your number is called. If all your lines are busy, or you can't take the call, this can be held, transfer, or put through to voicemail. All controlled via your web portal.

Out of Hours

Just choose from an easy to understand date picker what dates and times you'll be available to take calls. Outside of those hours you can play a recorded message for callers and take a voicemail.

Call Breakout

Give your customers options to press if they are on hold such as requeue or transfer to voicemail.

Missed Call Alert

If you miss a call, have the details emailed to you in realtime so that you can call a customer straight back.

Call Recording

Record 100% of inbound calls to allow training and quality assurance.

Key Features

100% call recording Mid Call Transfer
Pre-connection greeting Whisper Announcement
Display Caller ID Inbuilt Voicemail
Out of Hours Service Queue System
Missed Call Alert Ring All Feature
Call Numbers by Ratio Online audio Storage
Live in hours Secure Web Portal
Access Anywhere Never Ring Busy
Missed Call Alert Voicemail to Email
Upt to 7 DDI's To Call Free 0843 Numbers
Call recording with storage for a minimum of 6 months Display a static or active script to the agents on call connect
Real time reporting

What people say about our queue service

As in inbound business we need to ensure that all calls are accepted professionally and quickly. Other queue systems which we looked at did not offer the features and flexibility that we needed. Saffwood offered a solution which was cost effective and met our needs.

– Andy Walker - WMA Solicitors

Knowing that all calls are handled and routed through to someone in good time is vital to our business. Our customers expect that when they call us they can always get a response. Saffwood ensure that all our calls a managed professionally and helped us setup the queue just the way we needed

– Barry Wright - Birmingham Boiler Care LTD

Hosted Telephone Queuing System

It’s a well known fact that if someone calls your business and reaches an answer machine or an engaged tone first, chances are they will just go on to the next company and use their services.

It is vital that whether your business is large or small, that you have a means to ensure that customer do not hit engaged or answer machines.

A cloud Telephone Queuing System will ensure that your inbound call handling is equal to the challenge.

When a caller rings your business, your cloud telephone queuing system will firstly provide a pre-connection greeting. This will be a branded welcome to your business. Following this the system will then look for any available lines. Those that are available will ring and the call can be answered.

If all your lines are busy, then a call is held until you are avialable. With call breakout, callers can leave a message on your telephone queuing system which is automatically emailed to you.

You can optionally add an auto-attendant to provide a list of options in your queuing system. This allows calls to be directed to certain numbers, even if these are in different locations. With a call whisper, your queuing system will tell you what options was selected.

If you do miss a call, and the caller hangs up without leaving a message, you will be sent an email notifying you of this and the caller ID.

You can read more about Telephony Queuing Systems in our blog.

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Is this a phone system
No. This is an inbound advanced queuing system which allows inbound calls to be handled far more effectively than standard. All features of this service are only available for inbound calls. If you are looking for a phone system, then follow this link for more information.
How much does the service cost?
There is a monthly fee of £9.99 for this service. Inbound calls are charged at only 4p per minute. If you select 100% call recording, the inbound rate is 5p per minute.
How does this work?
When a customer calls your free 0843 number, the queue system is then able to handle this call and work to the rules you have defined.
Who pays for the call?
If customers call the 0843 then they will pay for that call. We have other numbering options available including using your existing number where you would pay for the call instead.
Does this work with my current phone number?
Yes. Apart from using the 0843 number, you have two other numbering options. You can choose to forward all calls from your current mainline number onto the queue. From here, the queue can then point these calls back at your required phones (excluding your mainline if this is diverting to the queue). If you need your mainline to take calls and want to advertise a local number, we can setup a local number for you.
Why advertise an 0843?
0843 numbers allow you to have a national presence anywhere in the UK. It also means if you move premises, you don't need to change your number. This is also a great advantage of a VoIP Phone System.
How quickly can this be setup?
We can have your service live in a matter of hours.
Can I change the rules and options?
Yes. You can make any changes to your queue through the easy to use web portal.
Do you set this up for me?
Yes. We'll take your requirements and setup your queuing system just the way you want it. This means you can start using it right away.
Is there a contract
Yes, 12 months.
What Support Can I Expect?
Unlimited support is offered via phone, email and screen share. All support is UK based.