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FREE Hosted VoIP Phone Systems For Business

included Award Winning System
included FREE Hardware
included Inbound Call Handling
included Save 45% on Calls
included Music On Hold
included Pickup & Transfer
included Pre-Connection Greeting
included Free Voicemail
included Follow Me
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Hosted phone system queuing

Inbound Call Management

Whether you have just one phone or a large phone system, our flexible inbound call rules and management make communication between you and your customers seamless and easy. With a couple of mouse clicks online, you can choose to have inbound calls held until you are ready, start hunt groups to phones on your system, or even follow you out the office to your mobile. No matter what your requirement is, our award winning platform can quickly and easily accomodate your needs.

Hosted phone system call breakout

Call Breakout

If you want to give callers the option or transfer to voicemail, or another line (even external to your system), you can supply options for them to press at any time. You can also setup out of hours messages and rules on your hosted system to handle calls differently and certain times.

Hosted phone system IVR

Auto Attendants

If you have different departments, or run different businesses in one location, adding an auto attendant can be a massive benefit. This allows callers to be routed to different hunt groups depending one what option they select. This can vastly increase customer service and reduce hold time.

Hosted phone system transfer

Call Pickup & Transfer

You can use your hosted phone system to pickup other ringing lines, and transfer calls to other extensions. You can even transfer calls to numbers outside your system such as a mobile phone. You can do this mid call, or press divert on your phone if you are leaving the office.

Hosted phone system number porting

Keep Your Current Numbers

You can keep all your current phone numbers with your Saffwood hosted VoIP phone system. We'll have your phone system live on your desk then transfer your phone numbers accross with no downtime and no hassle.

Hosted phone system setup

No Expensive Equipment

All the expensive equipment is hosted by Saffwood Communications which means costs are kept to a minimum. You only need to buy your handsets, and with over 400 makes and models to choose from, we'll have the perfect solution for you. With per second billing and no call connection fees, you'll be able to save money and improve how your business communicates.

Hosted phone system click to dial

Click To Dial

Your VoIP system can also use Click to Dial API's to make calls directly from your CRM system. This can vastly improve productivity, morale and reduce miss-dial errors.

Hosted phone system moving business

Moving Business

If your moving business outside your current postcode exchange area, then you will be able to keep your current phone numbers with our hosted phone system.

Hosted phone system numbering

Numbering Options

We can source 01, 02 and 08 numbers in a matter of hours for you. All these numbers can route directly to your system and can give you a local or national presence anywhere in the UK

FREE Hosted VoIP Phone System For Business

The specialist hosted VoIP phone system provider. Businesses benefit from our expertise in VoIP and our privately owned infrastructure offering unbeatable quality, assurnace and pricing.

You can increase effective customer contact and reduce cost with a hosted VoIP phone system service.

With the lowest cost and setup in days, your business can start to benefit from hosted phone systems with none of the associated costs of fixed line systems.

With no minimum or maximum number of lines, you can start your enterprise level hosted phone systems as big or small as you need. Saffwood is also on hand as a fully UK based business to help you when you need it.

Key Features

Client phone features System features
Call forward, hold, park, pickup Tick Call recording (always on / on demand)
Tick Call Now call-back button for email & web sites Tick Call recording searchable web database
Tick Call transfer (blind, assisted) Tick Call queueing
Tick Call screening Tick"" Local queue agent
Tick Call routing Tick Remote queue agent (via PSTN)
Tick Call waiting Tick Hunt groups
Tick Call forking to 2nd, 3rd, 4th phone Tick Auto attendant
Tick Find me follow me Tick Interactive voice response (IVR)
Tick"" Smartphone integration Tick Call API control
Tick Intercom and paging Tick Multi-party conferencing rooms
Tick Ad-hoc conferencing Tick Instant messaging with Jabber
Tick Unified messaging Tick Live call monitoring
Tick Tannoy System Tick Sound database for voice prompts, moh
Tick Feature codes Tick Advanced call reporting
Tick Web portal for call settings Tick Click to dial from CRM
Tick Call reporting Tick Group voicemail
Tick IM and presence support Tick Calling cards
Tick FAX to email Tick Prepaid / postpaid billing
Tick Call-Me-Back for low cost international calls
Tick Customisable voice prompts Admin features
Tick Time of day routing Tick Web admin interface
Tick DID numbers Tick Tiered permissions
Tick Outbound call rules Tick Multi-level web access
Tick Caller ID control Tick Multi-tenancy
Tick SIP phone and softphone support Tick Brandable web portal
Tick Call reporting
Tick Number porting
Tick Auto-provisioning of extensions
Tick API control using soap

Saffwood offers the best hosted VoIP phone system

Our Experience


Saffwood knows what it takes to deliver world-class VoIP and hosted phone system services with a traffic profile that are attractive to carriers. So you can confidently reduce costs by using VoIP without sacrificing on call quality.

Our Intfrastructure


Saffwood's privately owned and locally managed infrastructure crosses six global data centres, with data crossing five Tier-1 carriers. So your VoIP and hosted phone system is reliable, crystal clear, and always available.



Saffwood uses its experience to react to the things businesses really need from their telecoms. Every product is developed to the highest standards, creating feature-rich services that deliver tangible value.



When you need help, you can depend on friendly, practical advice from Saffwood. Unlimited support and training is included in our monthly service fee.

What people say about our hosted VoIP phone systems

It was important for us to find a phone solution that was able to offer us the flexibility to grow and move with us. We needed help and advice to ensure whatever systems we invested in were going to do the job. Saffwood Communications listened to our needs and then offered clear and practical advice.

We now have a stable phone system that has been able to handle everything we required including a recent move of premises and expansion. Throughout, Saffwood have provided excellent customer service, value for money and have been a pleasure to work with.

– Anita Clark - Director

We recently moved from our store in Covent Garden to a mail order and online business in a different phone exchange area. Phones are essential to our business and it was important that there was no "down-time", and keeping our well recognised phone numbers was also vital. At the same time we were looking for a cost-effective system.

We contacted Saffwood, who were more than helpful with their advice and nothing has seemed too much trouble for them. They setup our Hosted VoIP phone system for less than their competitors, and it was a simple matter of plugging the phones in on day 1 in our new warehouse. They also arranged all our internet lines to be live before our move day.

It could not have been simpler.

– Harry Ganz, Owner

Instant IP Phone System Online Quote in 30 Seconds

You can boost call quality, customer service and reduce costs at the same time

Hosted VoIP Phone System Blog

How does a VoIP phone system work?

Saffwood Communications in Warrington offers you the “instant hosted VoIP phone system”; ready to start making and receiving calls with no installation or configuration required. Simply unpack your phone system from the box, plug it in and your VoIP system is live in moments.

So what’s included in a VoIP phone system from Saffwood?

You start by choosing how many calls you want to be able to make and receive at the same time, with no minimum or maximum limitations. You can even choose to have more handsets than lines so that everyone can have a phone without having to pay a full price line rental. If you need more lines, you can add these on in less than 30 minutes with no setup charges allowing your business to grow as quickly as you need it to.

When a customer calls your business, our “VoIP queue” greets them with your personalised company welcome message to give your business a professional edge. All of your desk phones will then ring together allowing available operators to answer the call. You can choose to alter your hunt group behaviours at any time.

If all of your lines are engaged, the call will be placed on hold and the customer informed what their position in the queue is as well as the average wait time. As soon as a line becomes available, any calls waiting to be connected will be put through to you, and you’ll be informed how long the caller was on hold just before they are connected.

If you’re worried about how long customers are waiting, our VoIP queue can transfer calls after a wait time of your choice, or by the customer pressing a key on their phone. Calls can be transferred to any extension in your phone system, an external number, or your hosted voicemail service. Your voicemails can be retrieved off any phone and the voicemail audio file will even be emailed to you instantly.

If you have different departments within your business, you can add an auto attendant so that callers can be filtered to the correct areas in your company first time. This improves customer experience and cuts down on waiting times.

Saffwood offers a wide range of choices regarding phone numbers, including importing your current phone numbers onto our VoIP phone system with no downtime or disruption. We can also source additional 01, 02, 03 and 08 numbers in days to give you a local or national presence wherever you are in the UK.

Any phone numbers on your VoIP system can geographically moved anywhere you need to go. So if you move premises outside your local area, you can keep the same numbers just by unplugging your phone system, moving, then plugging it back in.

Our VoIP phone system is packed with free features and services to give you great value for money:

All calls can be picked up and transferred free of charge within your phone system group. You can also make free calls from one extension to another, even they’re in totally separate locations.

Caller ID Display means that you can always see who’s calling you even if the caller tried to hide their number. With choose to refuse, you can permanently block unwanted calls.

Every handset has its own personalised voicemail service as well as music on hold management where you can record promotional messages for customers.

If you need to divert calls from your handset, you can simply select the option and divert calls to any number of your choice instantly. You can also setup out of hours diverts and recorded messages with our VoIP auto attendant. If you use a CRM system , or any form of customer directory, you can integrate our phone system to allow click and dial functionality to boost productivity and ease of business.

For conferences, our phone system comes with a free conference suite to save you money and provide you with a great way to collaborate.

You’ll also have your very own easy to use and secure web portal. From here you can control your phone system, including managing extensions and names, changing phone numbers, call routing and setting up diversions. It’s also packed with useful reports to help you manage productivity and see live call statuses.

So how does our VoIP phone system work?

The system uses your existing internet connection to allow your phones to instantly register to our data centre through VoIP. As Saffwood hosts all the expensive equipment, the setup cost is very low and you don’t need a high speed connection for this to work. When a call is made , it’s placed down your internet connection to our data centre. From here it’s routed down a traditional analogue exchange to its destination. The quality of these calls are equal to and often better than traditional phone calls . The opposite process is used for inbound calls.

So why choose Saffwood Communications?

Our philosophy is simple: we only do one thing and aim to do it better than anybody else.

Saffwood also works with the highest grade VoIP and SIP carriers in the UK and international markets to provide you with an amazing quality of service as well as low cost calls, all billed per second with no call connection charges .

Whether you’re a large call centre or a small family run business, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager and given their email address, office number and dedicated out of hours business mobile number. This was you’ll always speak to someone who knows you and yours business.

Saffwood Communications offers your business the opportunity to utilise an enterprise level phone system with none of the associated costs, all ready to dial the moment you unpack the box.

You can get an instant quote online now, or call us on 0845 241 1008 for help and advice

Hosted VoIP Phone Systems in Warrington

As a Warrington based VoIP phone system provider we offer free consultations for businesses in the local area. Within these consultations we'll look to see what challanges your business is facing and how a VoIP phone system can help.

As broadband stability plays an important part within VoIP, we'll check what connections are available within the Warrington area to ensure you get a best in class service.

If you decied to go ahead, for any businesses in Warrington or within 10 miles, we'll deliver the equipment free of charge and also help you to set this up free of charge. If you need physical work such as cabling laying through walls, this maybe chargable.

You can also arrange to meet with a consultant at our Warrington offices based on Cinnamon Park (opposite Padage Campus).

For information on Warrington in Cheshire visit this Wiki page or the government siteWarrington Council

VoIP Phone Systems & Broadband In Warrington

Broadband in Warrington is vastly improving. This has a direct impact on the quality of service that a VoIP phone system can provide in the area.

The Warrington Centre exchange is is now enabled for ADSL2+ and Fibe Optic. It's important to note that fibre optic is not required for a VoIP phone system as each call uses a very small amount of bandwidth; reliability is more important than speed. Where fibre is available in the Warrington area, we do reccomend that businesses use this as it offer massive scalibility for VoIP. As a general rule, an 80/20 fibe connection will allow a business to make 200 concurrent VoIP phone calls.

So how can businesses in Warrington benefit from VoIP phone systems? There are numerous benefits including rapid scalibility, the ability to take your phone number anywhere, inbound queuing systems, auto attendants, as well as all the standard phone system features you would expect (call pickup / transfer, free voicemail and much more). As well as this, businesses in Warrington can take advantage if high competitive call charges with no call setup fees and per second billing. Setup charges are from just £60 per handset with no installation required.

For businesses without a stable broadband connection where a VoIP phone system may not be appropriate, Saffwood Communications offers inbound queuing systems which work off 0843 numbers. These allow us to call up to 7 different landline numbers in any location at the same time, as well as offering a raft of features including call transfer, voicemail and missed call alerts.

You can read more about VoIP phone systems on our VoIP Blog.

Hosted VoIP Telephone Queuing System

It’s a well known fact that if a customer, or prospective customer, calls your business and hits and answer service or engaged tone, chances are they will just go on to the next company.

It is vital that whether your business is large or small, that you have a means to ensure that customer do not hit engaged or answer machines.

A Hosted VoIP Telephone Queuing System will ensure that your inbound call handling is equal to the challenge.

When a caller rings your business, your VoIP telephone queuing system will firstly provide a preconnection greeting. This will be a branded welcome to your business. Following this the system will then look for any available lines. Those that are available will ring and the call can be answered.

You can read more about VoIP Telephony Queuing Systems in our blog.

What's the different between hosted VoIP and SIP?

One of the main questions we are asked when businesses are considering a hosted VoIP phone system is: how does VoIP work?

The concept is simple: A call is made from a IP deskphone such as a Cisco 7940. This is sent down your internet line to a traditional exchange. Once there, they are routed to the number you have called.

So how is a VoIP call different from a traditional call?

Very little is different. A traditional call is routed from exchange to exchange until it rings the destination line. The issue here is that many of the copper cables the call must navigate along have been in the ground since telephones became available. As a result, many are now severely degraded. A VoIP call will only travel to the nearest exchange to the caller. Once is reaches here, the VoIP call will then travel over data centres circuits and arrive directly as the destination exchange. As such, a call made using a Hosted VoIP phone system will typically be better quality than a traditional call.

You can read more about Hosted VoIP and SIP in our blog.

What's the different between hosted VoIP and SIP?

One of the main questions we are asked when businesses are considering a hosted VoIP phone system is: how does VoIP work?

The concept is simple: A call is made from a IP deskphone such as a Cisco 7940. This is sent down your internet line to a traditional exchange. Once there, they are routed to the number you have called.

You can read more about how VoIP works, and VoIP and SIP in our blog.

What businesses benefit from a Hosted VoIP phone system

Any business looking to improve how they communicate with customers and each other will benefit from a hosted VoIP phone system. In this exert, we look at how certain businesses have been able to make a VoIP phone system work from them to alleviate a particular business challenge.

You can read more about what types of business benefit from hosted VoIP phone systems in our blog.

Hosted VoIP phone systems for home offices and small businesses

VoIP phone systems have significant advantages for businesses of any size. For home and small businesses there are huge advantages to this service due to the low setup cost and the ability to harness big business features.

You can read more about hosted voip phone systems for home offices and small businesses in our blog.

VoIP telephone queuing system

A hosted VoIP telephone queuing system is an integral part of any phone system. The risk for many businesses, irrespective of call volume, is that missed call are missed opportunities. In the event of missing customer care phone calls, this can lead to poor customer care.

You can read more about VoIP telephone queuing systems in our blog.

Cick to call VoIP API

VoIP phone systems can make calls direct from websites and other systems such as CRM and workflow. This allows outstanding levels of productivity as the speed at which numbers can be dialler is vastly increased. It also reduces the amount of errors from mis-dialled numbers.

API's for Saffwood's hosted VoIP phone system are easily implemented as they are URL based. This means that we provide an API string with variables that the system will populate

You can read more about VoIP telephone queuing systems in our blog.

VoIP phone lines and fixed line systems

Phone systems go by many names and type, the most commonly referred to are ISDN2, ISDN30, Analogue phone systems such as Panasonic, and then there are VoIP phone systems. These systems make their phone calls over the internet by routing the call from an IP phone, down an Ethernet cable, then from your router via the public exchange network (in some parts, but we’ll come to that)

In 2013 – Q2 2014, VoIP phone systems have been the most popular service for businesses looking to improve how they communicate (upgrading) and new businesses looking to implement a first time phone system. So will VoIP be the way businesses move going forward: let’s take a look:

You can read more about VoIP phone systems and fixed line systems in our blog.

What VoIP phone system goes down?

There are many associated benefits of a hosted VoIP phone system. From increases business flexibility and mobility to reduce cost and offering better customer service – but what happens what things don’t work as well?

Saffwood Communications based in Warrington invest heavily into redundancy and failover so that if a customer experiences a drop in connectivity, there is an alternative.

There are several reasons that a VoIP phone sysem can fail:

You can read more about VoIP phone system internet crashes in our blog.

About Business Phone Systems

Business VoIP phone systems are multiple line telephone systems which businesses employ to maximize call efficiency. These systems are more and more commonly used for first time phone systems, phone system upgrades and businesses moving and needing to keep their telephone numbers. Saffwood Communications in Warrington are a specialist VoIP provider for businesses.

Business phone systems are very different, and there are 3 main types: VoIP phone systems, ISDN phone systems, and analogue phone systems. Each can offer different advantages and features covering cost of running the system, cost of setting up, maintenances and what the phone system is capable of doing. VoIP phone systems are now widely accepted as being the leading system in today’s business world as they offer companies the ability to quickly and flexibly scale and unscale the size of their telephony solution.

You can read more about business phone systems and VoIP in our blog.


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How Long Does Setup Take
If you don't need your phone number porting in, then typical setup is 5 - 10 working days. if you need your phone number transferring over, the average number porting time is 20 working days.
What does hosted mean?
Hosted phone systems do not rely on expensive onsite equipment such as PBX or ISDN. All this is stored in our data centres meaning that you only need a handset and a route to make and receive calls
What is the voice quality like?
the voice quality for VoIP phone systems if equal to and often better than traditional analogue lines. As the call is being routed down the same copper cables a traditional call is, the routing is identical to the exchange.
What happens if my internet cuts off?
You will always have a standard analogue phone line when using VoIP as this will bear your broadband connection. If your internet connection cuts off, our system can then divert all calls to that line, or any other until your connection is restored.
I'm moving office, can this system keep my number?
Yes. This is a huge advantage for hosted phone systems. As VoIP is not connected directly to a local exchange, it means you can take your local numbers anywhere in the world.
How fast does my internet need to be?
It depends on the number of calls you want to be able to make and receive at the same time. Each call uses 85K of upload and download. If you use our speed test service, you can see your upload and downloads speeds live. As an example, if you have an upload speed of 0.8MB and a download of 9MB, you can make just over 9 calls (0.8 * 1000 / 85)
What if I only have 1 phoneline with broadband?
If you have 1 line with broadband acting as your main business number, we can either source a new number for you to advertise, or you can divert calls from your current number onto the new one.
Which phones do you reccomend?
Cisco IP 7940 for deskphone (£60) and SNOM M9 for handsfree (£149)
Is There a Setup Cost for the system
No. You just need to buy your handsets and possibly a new router as well.
Do you supply broadband?
No. Be we are resellers to a few trusted partners and can arrange the connections and discounted rates for you
What Support Can I Expect?
Unlimited support is offered via phone, email and screen share. All support is UK based.

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