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VoIP phone system key features

Cisco IP Deskphone

The Grandstream 1625 is the UK's most popular IP deskphone. Designed for business use, the Grand stream VoIP deskphone combines great functionality with a robust, attractive design.

included Full Screen Display          
included Multiline Call Handling
included Caller Diversion Button
included Call Transfer
included Call Pickup
included Customer Hold
included Upload Personal Directory
included Sound Management
included Caller ID Display
included Headset Compatible
included Loud Speaker Conference
included Voicemail Notification

Saffwood supplies over 40 different makes and models of deskphone and cordless handset.

If you would like to discuss these options, then please call us free on 0808 168 0227.

Billion VoIP Router

Billion Bipac Routers

The Billion Bipac range is recognised as one of the highest quality routers for business. Combining high speed capacity, solid VoIP & SIP channeling with outstanding wireless range. Easy configuration allows you to have this router live with your current internet connection in under 2 minutes.

included Fully VoIP Compatible          
included ADSL / ADSL2+ Connections
included BT / Talk Talk Fibre
included Virgin Superfast Fibre
included 300Mbs Speed
included Fully WiFi enabled
included Super Quick Setup
included 4 Lan Ports
included DSL & Ethernet in-Ports
included 3 WiFi Range Extender Antena/td>

Billion 7800N for ADSL, ADSL2+ & Virgin Fibre / Billion 7800DXL For BT or Talk Talk Fibre. The 7800DXL carries a £50 surcharge

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. One of the biggest advantages of a VoIP phone system is that it can be unpacked from the box, handsets placed onto the desk and plugged in and it's live. You then have 30 days to trial our service risk free. Once you know you are happy, we can then port your phone number/s into our network with zero downtime. Last year Saffwood conducted over 340 ports seamlessly.
Not very. Your broadband being stable is more important. A VoIP call will use 85K of upload and download per call. So if you have a 1MB upload speed (1000K), then you can make nearly 11 concurrent calls if you did nothing else on the internet. General browsing and emails uses very little bandwidth. If you're unsure of your broadband speed, check here . If you think you need faster speeds, or want an additional line for VoIP at only £18.50 PM, then call us on 0845 241 1008 and select option 1.
If you are planning to move business now or in the future, then a VoIP phone system is the easiest, most cost effective way to do this. As well as the large cost savings and increased functionality, a VoIP phone system doesn't recognise local exchanges. This means that we can port your phone number into our system with no downtime. When you are ready to move, just unlplug your phones, move and plug them back in. You can find out more about our business movers service here.
Yes, very quickly and easily. You can add additional lines and handsets simply by plugging in more phones. This allows you to quickly scale and change your phone system as your business needs alter.
Yes. We offer a 30 day risk free trial of all our services. Call us on 0845 241 1008 to find out more.
No, you own the hardware from day one. The monthly rental for lines and the price of calls is the same whether you get the equipment free like with this package, or if you bought it from us.
Our cordless phones allow you to move around your business whilst taking a call. Cordless phones have a base station which needs an ethernet cable connecting to it. All fixed deskphones require an ethernet cable. If you don't have internet points near your work station, you can take advantage of ethernet plug sockets to run your internet connection through the mains power of the building. The phones DO NOT need to connect directly into a router, and can relay through switches or other access points. If you're not sure how you'd get a internet cable to a work station, call us on 0845 241 1008 option 3. Our support team will tell you the easiest way to get setup.
Your phones & system can be easily programmed by us to divert to series of landlines or mobiles in the event that your lose your internet connection. That way your inbound calls are seamlessly routed elsewhere until your back online. Just ask a sales consultant about this if you are worried.
Better than a normal phone call. Saffwood guarantees that your calls are delivered over the highest quality carriers to ensure HD voice. With a presence in 6 UK data centres, and four layers of SIP failover, we deliver crystal clear voice quality on a rock solid infrastrcuture. That's why we won Internet Telephony Product of the Year 2014
Subject to order volume between 5 - 10 working days is our average lead time, although this can be more or less depending on volume. When you are ready to place your order, we'll give you an accurate timescale.

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