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An Auto Attendant can play a custom greeting for your callers such as your company name. It can optionally provide the customer with a series of options to press allowing you to divert calls to different phones and hunt groups.[ whats this? ]

An inbound queue will play customised hold music or messages whilst your customers are waiting to speak to you. If you're not taking an IVR, a queue can also play a company pre-connection greeting.

Queue's can also provide advanced reporting on caller wait time, answer distribution and more. Queue's are ideal for business who have higher inbound calls.
[ whats this? ]

Some routers do not handle VoIP very well. ISP's tend to provide cheap routers free of charge which block VoIP. Billion routers, most BT routers, Draytek, Zyxel and some Netgear handle VoIP. If you are unsure, it's best to call us with the make / model of your current router.[ Why? ]
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