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Manage Your Teams in Realtime

included Realtime Agent Dashboard
included Monitor Data Usage
included Agent Live Statuses
included Adhoc SQL Querying
included Track Data Performance
included Maximise Productivity
included Police Agent Behaviour
included Boost Results
included Effectively Report

Realtime Reporting

Being able to view reporting details in realtime can allow you to make highly responsive, accurate decisions regarding users and data

With the hosted predictive dialler from Saffwood, you can monitor all agents and data in realtime to ensure you maximise productivity and ROI

Agent Dashboard

Sort By Fields

You can sort ascending and decending fields via the agent dashboard to order statistical data for performance monitoring.

Configurable RAG Reporting

You can request configurable fields which change colour based on the result. This is very useful for sales show red below target, amber on target and green above target.

Monitor Data Consumption

By being able to check the number of customer and decision maker contacts each agent has had, you can ensure that your data is not being burnt

Configure Display

We can configure your display to show results by team or by campaign. Each segment of reporting will show you team or campaign totals, with a call centre total visable to promote healthy competition.

Realtime Status

Check how long an agent has been in a particular status for, such as talking or dead. Customise acceptable limits with colour changes for important KPI's such as after hangup time.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates allow you to track which agents are making the best use of your data. This is especially useful for part time agents who may not get a higher numeric result, but better use their data

Configure To You

The dashboard can be developed for your business to show any other statistics that you wish to see.

SQL Reporting

We can email automated reports directly to you on the hour. This is useful for reports that need to be shared within the business.

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