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Unified Communication Solutions

included Hosted Phone System
included Mobile Presence Service
included Live User Status
included Instant Messenger
included Integrated Email
included Video Calls
included Conference Suite
included File & Document Storage

Only £14.99 Per Seat

Unified Communciations For Business

Unified Communications from Saffwood allow businesses of any size to communications with greater flexibility and ease.

With integrated, phone, email, SMS, instant messenger, video, conference, presence and PBX, you can streamline customer and internal contact.

Whether you already use a phone system, or are looking for a first time system, Saffwood can guide you through the process to give you a low cost, high quality solution tailored to your needs.

Why use hosted unified communication for your business?

Integrated Phone System

This integrated IP phone system will allow you to seamlessly manage inbound, outbound and internal calls. High levels of voice quality coupled with low CapEx, rapid scalibility and portibility means you can harness the full power of unified communications

Live User Status

Unified Communications means that you can see the status of other users, including whether they are logged in, available or on calls. This allows you to manage call traffic to a greater degree.

Video Calls

Video calling internally and with customers offers a new dynamic in customer care, support and sales. Initiate video calls direct from your PC through this application.

Instant Messenger

If you need to communicate with another user or department in realtime without making a call, simply double click the user profile to send a receive instant messages.

Integrated Email

You can use your unified communication platform to setup email accounts using your existing address to send a receive messages in outlook format keeping all your applications in one interface.

File Storage

Store regularly used files in your unified communication platform of easy sharing and access. Documents such as quote forms, contracts can be access by all users and emailed to customers.

Conference Suite

If you need to conference with customers or internally, this free to dial into* service allows seamless collaboration.

Key Features

All inclusive – combines phone system, email, video conference and more Fully Hosted Service
Quick & Easy set up Unlimited Support & training included in monthly rental
Keep your current phone numbers Unlimited extensions and lines
Works on all browsers HD voice service for unbeatable quality
Inbound call handling queue Packed with free premium call features
Link mobile, deskphone and softphone to one phone line View live call statuses of users
Low calling rates Per second billing
No call connection fees Video calls
Conference suite Choose any local, national or 08 numbers anywhere in the UK
Portable service - unplug, move office, plug in and live Superfast setup in days not weeks
Low Capex setup Dedicated account management
Stable, growing business

Who benefits from Unified Communications


Customers can reach and communiate with your business to a far greater degree allowing enquiries to be handled faster and with greater ease.


Liasing with colleagues and other departments, especially when these are off site, is far easier due to being able to choose from a variety of free communication methods and see live statuses.

Business Owners

Unified Communication is a highly cost effective phone system which removes layers or cost and allows enterprise level communication without the cost of onsite equipment.

Technical Support

If you offer technical support, this communication method allows seamless contact between support advisors to allow faster respone to enquiries and a collaborative behind the scenes approach.

What people say about our Unified Communiaction Suite

Running a technical support help desk means that we need to communicate with other support operators both on and off site. Being able to see whether colleagues are on a call, and choose between email, instant messaging and calls has helped our business improve customer care many times over.

It's also reduced our cost and given us a feature rich phone system that is can flex and change as we do. A great package and great service. Thank you.

– Phil Walker, Support Director - SQL Business Design

Saffwood offers the best unified communication service


Saffwood knows what it takes to deliver world-class VoIP and hosted communication services with a team of experts for sales, customer care and technical support. With dedicted account management you'll know who you are speaking to every time.


Saffwood's privately owned and locally managed infrastructure crosses six global data centres, with data crossing five Tier-1 carriers. So your VoIP and hosted unified service is reliable, crystal clear, and always available.


Saffwood uses its experience to react to the things businesses really need from their telecoms. Every product is developed to the highest standards, creating feature-rich services that deliver tangible value.


When you need help, you can depend on friendly, practical advice from Saffwood. Unlimited support and training is included in our monthly service fee.

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Can I transfter my current phone numbers to this service
Yes - we have porting agreements with all major carriers.
Is there a setup charge?
Only to buy your handsets if you opt for them and a new router if it's required. If you use softphones on a PC then you may only need a new router and that's it.
How fast does my internet connection need to be?
Each call uses 85K of upload and download There are 1000K to 1MB. So if you have an upload speed of 1MB, this can carry 10 calls Voice compression also allows us to reduce the voice packet to 35K allowing more calls at once. If you would like support and advice regarding internet speeds, including faster connections in your area, please call us on 0845 241 1008
What equipment do I Need?
You can optionally use deskphones which are £60 each. Deskphones do offer extra functionality via hotkeys for call pickup / transfer. Depending on your router grade, you may need to buy a new one at £70.
Can I link my mobile?
You can link a deskphone, softphone and mobile to your phone line meaning all call at the same time when someone rings you. This can be toggled off and on.
What happens if I Move?
A great advantage of Hosted phone systems is that no matter where you move to, you just unplug your phones and PC's, move then plug them back in. This ensures that telecoms is not on your list of concerns for moving office!
Can I get more phone numbers?
As well as being able to use your existing phone number, we can source you any 01, 02, 03 and 08 numbers in a matter of days
How easy is it to use?
Very. We arrange a short training session via webshare to talk you through the communications suite.
What support is available
You get unlimited cutomer care and technical support as well as dedicated account management.
Is this service for me?
It depends on the nature of your business. Companies such as IT support, call centre and customer service business use Unified Communications a lot. If you don't need the video, email etc, why not consider our Hosted Phone System